Drought ravages Daaba Community

News Article
March 1, 2017

Following a potracted drought, Daaba community in Isiolo County is bearing the brunt. A visit by Caritas Isiolo and CAFOD teams to the area on 28/02/2017 found that herders mostly men have moved with livestock has migrated to far flung areas leaving behind women, the eldery and children. Accordingly to Francisca Mpayani, a Cathechist in the area, the last time they recieved rain was in November 2016 which was not signficant. Her views are echoed by Mr. Charles Lokuria, the headteacher, Daaba Primary School who says that many people have been forced to move to far areas in search of pasture, food and water. The enrollment in the school has declined as children move with their parents. The key needs of the  community with an estimated 5,000 people include food, portable water, health and security. Women who constitute the providers of households in absence of men are forced to undertake charcoal burning to earn income. However, this is not viable given that the Government has banned the activity. The poor road network has aggravated the situation given that people have to travel to markets in Isiolo town, 35kms away to acess basics especially food. The fare one way is Ksh. 1,000 using motor bikes, the common mode of transport.

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